How to receive a grant


The Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication (Rospechat’) and the Institute for Literary Translation, an autonomous nonprofit organization for furthering the development of the theory and practice of literary translation, will support translation into foreign languages of works written in Russian and other languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation in 2021.

List of supported translations in 2012-2019.

Information about the Institute for Literary Translation’s grant program

Criteria for reviewing proposals:

- importance and relevance of the translation into the proposed language

- originality and freshness of the literary work

- prizes received from Russian national competitions recognizing the best literary works (Bolshaya Kniga (Big Book), Russian Booker, Malaya Rodina (Little Homeland), The Art of Books, Debut, and others) and international literary awards

- new translations of Russian classics

The program may offer these forms of support:

- full payment of a translation

- partial payment of a translation

To submit a proposal for the competition, a publisher must open up "Publisher's personal account" created to simplify submission of applications for grants. Please, fill out all fields of the application.

Applications will be accepted: 01.10.2020-31.01.2021

Applications will be reviewed: 01.02.2021-01.05.2021

The book should be published during  2021-2022

All applications will be reviewed by the Institute for Literary Translation and approved by Rospechat’s Expert Commission.

If a decision is made to support your proposal, an agreement will be concluded with you.

Here is a sample of uncompleted Grant Agreement.

And here is the the Standard Terms and Conditions of Grant Agreement and Final Report

After approval, signed originals of the agreement (two copies)  should be sent to this address: 4, Nikoloyamskaya st., Moscow 109240, Russia,  (улица Николоямская, д. 4, Москва, 109240, Российская Федерация)

Activity under the agreement includes:

- Sending the layout of the publication to the Institute, in PDF format, by electronic mail, before the deadline specified in the agreement. Please see layout requirements below.

- Printing and distributing the books

- Providing five copies of the book to the Institute for Literary Translation

The back of the title page of the printed or electronic edition should contain the Institute for Literary Translation logo and the following text:

Published with the support of the Institute for Literary Translation (Russia)

Requirements for the layout:

- You can download the Institute for Literary Translation’s logo here, to place on the back of the title page of the layout when the publication is printed. Available formats are: epsjpgpsdgif .

- Please, come back to this page later to find the text to be placed on the back of the title page in of the publication 

Download presentation of the Grant Program.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at: